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Swing Batter, Batter Swingers…Wait What?

So when you reach a point in your life, you end up needing something “more” in the bedroom department. Now I am not saying what I have at home isn’t good because it is, it does everything I need and of recent more! So that isn’t it at all. it is almost like you mature and realize that you can love someone else and still have sex with someone else. But Naudia aren’t you jealous? Yes, I am but it is because I am insecure in myself and not our relationship.

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Annnnnd the domino has been tipped over….

3rd grade was a super hard year for me as a kid. There is a lot of things that I believe in sculpted my personality/life. That was the year that my mother’s long-standing boyfriend/fiance left after 13 yrs they decided to call it quits. I was having a hard time in school, and very very much disliked my teacher, Mrs. Canyon. That was also the year my mom started drinking.

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What You Can Expect

Hello! Welcome to my blog/ kinda autobiography I would imagine. The first thing to know about me, I did not do well in English class, and it will show. I will try my best to write in proper form, but hell I cuss too much that will never happen. I tend to think of myself as a no filter kinda gal, I do not often think about things before I say them, and I am not one to sugar coat a damn thing! So if that interests you, come on in pull up and seat, and get a nice close look at my crazy.

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