Bitch, better have my money! $$$

So, let’s start again from the beginning. I wrote this like an almost full blog about this, saved it and when I came back to finish it, the blog was gone. So, from now on I will be writing all my blogs in word and not on the website itself and then I will just copy and paste over.
Now back to the topic at hand.
When you are a kid there are only a few times a year when you get excited to receive things. Here are some of them.

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Annnnnd the domino has been tipped over….

3rd grade was a super hard year for me as a kid. There is a lot of things that I believe in sculpted my personality/life. That was the year that my mother’s long-standing boyfriend/fiance left after 13 yrs they decided to call it quits. I was having a hard time in school, and very very much disliked my teacher, Mrs. Canyon. That was also the year my mom started drinking.

Annnnnd the domino has been tipped over…. Read More »

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