Life’s a bitch, and so am I, the nicest bitch you will ever meet!

Welcome to my page, My Fucked Life Exposed. See what I did there? My name is Nadia, and I am here to share my life, and its hard to believe tales. I truly believe that I am fucked up, however, the difference is I own up to them (now), and who the hell isn’t these days? As you can also tell I cuss like a sailor, so if that bothers you, my site isn’t for you. I am a Tattooer by trade, and working in that environment all the time you learn to hold your own and grow leather-like skin. (Which is hard to get tattooed BTW.) <— I make funnies! I am in short, a caring, Mother, Wife, Friend, Tattooer, and more who is a smart ass who doesn’t put up with shit, tells it like it is, and cusses like your uncle Bill.

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